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Alice in Wonderland

on May 20, 2015

On the 20th May, Kill o’the Grange were very lucky to have M&M Theatrical Productions put on their performance of Alice in Wonderland for us. The show was fantastic and enjoyed by children and adults alike! What a lovely way to wind down on a Wednesday after a few weeks of tests… Have a look at some of our photos don’t forget – ‘Pink to make you Shrink, Green to make you GROW!’

IMG_0247_2 IMG_0248_2 IMG_0249_2 IMG_0250_2 IMG_0251_2 IMG_0252_2 IMG_0253_2 IMG_0254_2 IMG_0255_2 IMG_0256_2 IMG_0258_2 IMG_0259_2 IMG_0262_2 IMG_0263_2 IMG_0264_2 IMG_0265_2


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