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on October 1, 2015

A new school year, a new set of fantastic faces and a jam-packed September to start us off!

I hope you have all settled in nicely to 5th class and are enjoying all the lovely work we are doing between Mrs Swords and Ms O’Connor! September has been a long month but we have stuffed so many exciting things into it!

This month we have learnt about The Aztecs, and made some wonderfully bright masks to join our creative stories. Following this, we had a fantastic day with Mr Z who showed us how to make go-carts using straws and masking tape! I can let you on in a little secret that Mr Z will be joining us again soon for another Physics master class 🙂 

With the upcoming centenrary of Easter 1916 next year, 5th class are learning all about WW1 and the lead up to those momentous events. At the moment we are learning all about the trenches and the Battle of the Somme, come and have a read of some of our letters home!

Every Thursday we are lucky enough to be coached in tag rugby by Stephen, this will continue for another few weeks.

October looks to be a very exciting month, with French Day starting it off for us!

What has been your favourite part of 5th class so far?



One response to “WELCOME BACK 5th CLASS!

  1. lauren connolly says:

    french day

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