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Mr.Malseeds Gravity Workshop

on December 3, 2015

In Mr.Malseed’s gravity workshop in 5th class made and decorated paper butterflies that they worked out the centre of gravity and balanced them in the most creative ways they could come up with.They ended up with paper butterflies balancing on pencils,pens,ears,noses,fingers and other objects. 

5th class also learned all about Isaac Newton’s laws of Gravity,Gallileo the man who discovered how gravity works and the centre of Gravity within an object such as the paper butterflies 5th class made

Mr.Malseed showed 5th class a video where N.A.S.A sends a man into space in a space craft where he skydives down to earth. The man when falling was going so fast he broke the sound barrier which means he went so fast he was approximately  around mark two.




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