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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

The Aztecs 

5th class did their first history project on the Aztecs. We really enjoyed it!!

We also painted Aztecs masks and wrote Aztecs diarys.


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Bumble bee

On the 14th of  September 2016 bumble bee the trasformer came to the school from Duffy’s circus. Everyone really enjoyed it. 


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5 the class are back!!!(:

5th class are back from the summer holidays!!!

Charlie went on bike rides with his friends

Hayleigh went to Spain and she went to a waterpark

Zoe Gilmore went to Italy and she really enjoyed it

Oliver went to the zoo and he saw cool animals 

Anna Osborne went to France and she went parasailing 

Jude played on playstation with his friends

Judith went to Scotland to help friends organise a huge church fete

Sam went to America and he went to a theme park

Zara dungan helped her uncle build a shed

Isobel went to France and stayed in a mobile home.     

Tom went to London  and he went to a Big shopping centre

Anna g went to Italy and when she came back she got braces

Aaron went fishing with his family

Rory went to Kerry and he went surfing with his cousins

Grace w went to Spain and she went to the beach every day

Luke went on a jetski 

Robyn went horse riding and she really enjoyed it

Oz went to Greece and I stayed on the island crete 

Zoe Garvey went to Majorca and went coneoing in the caves

Oscar went to Portugal and he stayed in a nice apartment 

Robbie went to a campsite and had lots of fun

Zara g jumped of rocks into a deep river 

Ronin went canoeing in France and he enjoyed it

Grace p went to nice and visited mountain villages

Edward went to Italy and went pier jumping 

Tadhg went to bounce below in wales and jumped on trampolines in caves

Killian went sailing and he also went to Spain 

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