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Shoebox Appeal with TeamHope

on October 4, 2016

Mr and Mrs.Malseed came into our class and started talking about the shoe box appeal, and how excited other children in poorer countries become when they receive stuff that we give to them.

When you are packing your shoe box think of the four W’s they are 

Wow,Wear,Write and wash 

Wow: A nice teddy, toy cars,whistle,ball rubber or tennis and cards.

Wear: gloves,hats and socks.

Write:pence case,pencils,paper/notebook,colouring pencles,markers and sharpener.

Wash:face cloth,tooth brush,tooth paste,soap, (No Liquids) .

If you are giving a box to a Girl try not to give hair bands try give head bands instead. 

If you have anything extra we can make up some fifth class boxes too!

Do not give chocolate,if you are giving jellies they must be well in date.


Boxes are due on or before November 11th. Happy wrapping 🙂


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