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Autumn Trees

on October 6, 2016

Last month we had a guest speaker in to talk to us about some of the trees we have in our school garden.We started by taking the tempature it was approx 15c and the date was 27 th September we then started writing down facts these are some of them:

We learnt that heat helps things to decompose.

We found a bug motel built by 4th class that was for dry bugs.

We found out that ivy grows during winter and bees and wasps eat ivy.

We learnt that nettles like to live on rich ground.

Nettles also use rich ground for lots of food.

When you touch a nettle a hair breaks of into your skin and it stings.

 We found Special leaves called clemitists used to be called dancing ballerinas.

It was an interisting lesson 

  Everyone learning facts  


One response to “Autumn Trees

  1. Robyn Orr says:

    It was a fun day😀

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