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The Digestive System

on October 28, 2016

On  Wednesday 12th October, we learnt about the digestive system. We did a really cool experiment. 

Miss O’Connor showed us how the digestive system really works. 

1. Food goes into your mouth and your teeth chew with the help of saliva. 


2. The food goes into your oesophagus and takes about 3 seconds to reach your stomach. 

3.  The food does into your stomach. The food is churned with the enzymes and all the harmful bacteria is taken out. 

  4. The food mush now goes into your small intestine  continues to break down the food mixture so that your body can absorb all the nutrients. The following organs help with the absorption of nutrients: 


 The Pancreas: produces juices that help with the digestion of fats and proteins. 

The liver: produces a fluid called bile, which helps with the absorption of fat into your bloodstream

 The gallbladder:stores bile until your body needs it. 

The food mixture stays In your small imtestine for 4 hours until it goes  very watery . At  the end of this the nutrients are absorbed in to your blood stream.the blood travels to your liver ,which sorts the nutrients out.it releases some to your body and stores the rest for later.the lining of your small intestine. Stops the bad stuff going into you or blood stream”the waste material goes into large intestine. 


This is the small intestine

The large intestine: is also known as the bowel or the colon. The main role of your large intestine is to absorb water and digest any remaining nutrients in the waste material. As wateris absorbed into your body, the waste material becomes more solid and is now called faeces. The muscles in your large intestine ouch the faeces down into your rectum. They stay there until you are ready to use the toilet and then it passes out through your anus. 


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