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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Wreath making

 On the 16th of December Ethel came in to make wreaths with us.We used oasis and fir tree branches for them.

We spent the whole day making and decorating them.

1. First we saturated oasis in water and taped them to the plant pots.

2. Then we started to stick evergreen fronds into the oasis.

3. We then covered the gaps with small bits of greenery.

4.After that we decorated them it was fun!!!!!

5. When we finished decorating we stuck a candle and name tags in them and

put them on the windowsill ready to collect

We really enjoyed making the wreaths and thank you to Ethel and Ms O’Connor for organising the event and helping us to make them.    

Sam and Anna G.

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Mimi comes to visit

On the 21st December, 5th class received an early Christmas present with feline features! I brought my beautiful kitten Mimi in to show the class. Everyone had a go of petting her and I told the class all about how to look after her. She is 3 months old and really friendly. My brother is getting her as his Christmas present this year. 

Oliver 🙂


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Titanic Belfast

             It was the 13th of December 2016 when fifth class went to the Titanic Museum in Belfast for an educational trip for Young Scientist. Everyone arrived at 7:30am and we travelled on a coach to Belfast, it took us 3 hours to get to there. When we arrived we had our lunch and began the tour by doing a workshop called Deep Sea Discovery. In our workshop we completed activities about deep sea animals, the ROV robot, shipwrecks, a Titanic puzzle, Belfast Lough and an up-close view of fish bones and other stuff. After our workshop we had our second lunch break and then went on a self-guided tour around the museum.

              In the museum, firstly we learned about Belfast at the time of Titanic, we looked at the Harland and Wolfe Arrol Gantry and learnt that they were 223 feet tall! There was elevators but the workers didn’t trust them and climbed on wooden ladders to the top. We went on a cable car ride and experienced the heat of the furnaces, the sound of workmen banging on the steel bolts and a man’s story of working in the shipyard. After the ride we learnt about the launch and there was a model of the shipyard and a huge window looking out onto where the shipyard was.  

               Then we went into another part and learnt about the tragedy and the sinking. We learnt that lifeboats weren’t filled and also the boat didn’t go 90 degrees it only went 20 degrees. The tragedies happened to people as young as 2 months! After that we watched a video on the discoveries of the Titanic and we saw some stuff we never thought we would see like a girls shoe, bottles, a frying pan and a chamber pot. The trip was so much fun and everyone learnt so much! Thanks Ms O’Connor, Mrs Swords and Judith!

By Rory and Robbie.

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Seo Faisean

On Friday the 2nd of December we had a fashion show. We all dressed for different occasions. We did because we wanted to learn about éadaí in irish. Tom was dressed in winter gear. Some people dressed in sport gear and other occasions.
Most people would like to do it again because it was really good fun!
Have a look at our final runway walk!

Luke and Aaron

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Mr Z’s Buoyancy Workshop

When  Mr Z came in we were learning about forces. There are five forces  including friction,applied muscle,gravity,applied air and buoyancy-upward force of a liquid. We also made boats out of tin foil and tested to see do they float with dominoes in them. After we had tested them we made another boat but with a p.i.e. Not the food a platform that Mr Z made with a 3D-printer! we did the same thing as the last investigation except we had better materials. It was fun! 

Luke and Alex


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