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Mr Z’s Friction Workshop

5th class were the luckiest class in the school today with a visit from Mr Z! He had prepared a friction workshop for us. We built go karts using straws, wheels and axels. We tested the go karts on the table; we had to let them down a slope that Mr Z made out of books. I think today’s workshop was brilliant and fun. Today I learned that you can’t get rid of friction but you can minimise it. I learned that if you rub your hands together for 15 seconds and put them on a plastic water bottle with the reverse side of the cap a little bit wet that the cap will start to float as the air in the bottle heats up and starts to “burp”. I surprised myself that sometimes a great idea is harder to create in reality. My favourite part of the process was when we got to make the go karts and if I was to do this workshop again I would like more time to make the go karts.
Luke Weir


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