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Back to 5th class!

on September 19, 2017


   Our proud
wall.In the first week in school, Ms O’Connor asked 5th class to write a piece about something they are proud of that they did over summer. Some people brought in photos and some people drew pictures. 5th class also made selfie art, to go above their proud wall. 5th class really enjoyed working on their art and proud wall! Here are pictures of their amazing work! 

Our first week back to school was exciting! We sat at new tables and we were happy to see all our friends again. We did plenty of hard work but it was all worth it when we did fun activities. In math class we did revision of things we could have forgotten ! In Irish we were looking over uru’s and grammar and in English we wrote about our summer holidays. We also began reading a funny book called ” There’s a boy in the girls bathroom!” We all had a fantastic week back in school!! 

Ryanne and Oscar



One response to “Back to 5th class!

  1. Keelin says:

    I loved the first week back at school it was great fun. I really enjoyed when we threw the snow balls at the board. It was really exciting! I think the proud wall looks great. I loved designing the phones. I especially think the pictures look fantastic. it was a fabulous first week. 🙂

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