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Elementary Engineering Workshop 1

on September 25, 2017

  Mr. Z came to visit 5th class on the 20th September. When he arrived, Mr. Z had 5th class straight into work! The first thing they built were go-karts out of axels, wheels, tape and straws. He also taught 5th class all about different forces, including applied force, gravity and friction. They were split up into different groups. 5th class had 5 minutes to create their go karts and then they’d race them to see which created the least amount of friction and travelled the furthest.

 After they had their little break, Mr. Z took 5th class down to the P.E hall and told them to build roller coasters! He gave them different materials including tape, foam tubes , a marble, paper cups and four chairs to begin with and then he kept adding chairs to give the roller coaster more support and make the task more difficult. He gave them lots of different tasks to complete. He made them try to do loop the loops, hills and trying them both together when creating different momentum!

 In the end there was a competition. Mr. Z told 5th class to select one of the three track challenges he had drawn up and if they completed the challenges their team would earn game points. After three of these challenges, he counted the points to see which team won. The winning team was very proud of themselves for winning but every team was proud of what they had achieved throughout the day. 

5th class really enjoyed their fun day and they can’t wait until Mr Z’s next visit!
 By Ryanne and Oscar


2 responses to “Elementary Engineering Workshop 1

  1. Alannah Bewley says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop that Mr Z did!!

  2. Keelin says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop with Mr. Z. It was really fun and I cant wait until he comes back. I particularly enjoyed the roller coasters they were lots of fun to build in a group. Wonder what we’ll do next time? : )

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