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Hurricane Ophelia report, by PatrickĀ 

On Monday the 16 of October Hurricane Ophelia struck the South West coast of Ireland at approximately 9:00am. It started it’s ‘Rain’ of terror on the South West coast of Co. Cork. 
All around the country there was chaos. About 360,000 were without electricity. Ophelia was leaving a streak of destruction in her wake. Trees were being uprooted by the strong gusts of wind which just wouldn’t stop coming. Sadly there was 3 deaths during the course of the storm. 
It was too dangerous to go outside as the wind was too strong. Some of the precautions people took were to fill buckets of water in case their toilets stopped working. Some people also padlocked doors. The Department of Education closed all primary and secondary schools, but third level colleges had their own choice if they closed or not. 
The aftermath of the hurricane was devastating. Trees were left sprawled on roads. Parks were closed and homes all over the country were left without electricity. 

Hurricane Ophelia was said to be the worst storm in over 50 years.

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Card challenge!

I can’t believe the first round of challenge groups have come to an end already! What fun I had teaching you all different card games – I hope you get to pass them on and play with your families! Enjoy your next challenge after the mid-term break.

Ms O’Connor


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The Aztecs

Last week in 5th class we learned about the Aztecs. We worked in pairs and completed brilliant projects,on them! There were quizzes, PowerPoints, posters, scratch animations and prizes. It took us three days to finish presenting them. We all learned something new from every presentation. Here are some interesting facts. Huitzilipochtli was there most important god. He was the god of sun and war. Human sacrifices were part of the Aztec’s daily life. They played a game called Tlatchi, it was a mix of modern football and basketball.   

  We did diary entries in creative writing based on the life of an Aztec. People wrote about farming, houses and the god’s temples. Some people wrote about seeing the emperor. Others wrote about the sacrifices and people in the city . Ms O’Connor made the paper we used look old and crumbled by tea staining it. We wrote in the past tense so it would be like we wrote it in the time of the Aztecs.

 For our Aztec art Ms O’Connor gave us plain masks and we had to paint them so it represented an Aztec God.Some Gods were the God of sun and war, the God of love, the God of rain, the God of darkness and the God of magic. When we were done painting Ms O’Connor called us to the back of the room in twos or threes to decorate our masks with beads and feathers.

In drama and PE we played games like Tlatchi. Another game was were we had to use our bodies to make letters like A or T. Finally we made glyphs with our bodies. This was more difficult. Some we amazing and others were cleverly mastered.

We really enjoyed learning about the Aztecs in all the different subjects.

Ailsa and Tom

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