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Carol Service songs

Hello 5th class!

Please use the following YouTube links to practice the songs for our Carol Service this year on December 19th.

Thank you!

Ms O’Connor


Sail carts and motor carts

This week Mr. Z came in for another science day. Our task today was to design and build a go-cart with a sail that can be pushed by air!! We all split into our table groups. The first task was that all of us had to design a sail-cart that we have to push by us blowing. We did three different competitions and there were different groups. The group with Jake, Henry and William won. We’ll done boys!We also made Circuits & air powered go carts!! 🙂 Our goal was to design & build an air powered go-cart. We took them down to the hall to do bigger races and made adjustments to our carts down there to make them travel further. We used battery packs as motors. 

We had a great day with Mr Z and can’t wait for him to come back again.

Alannah and Lucy 


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Cabo FCC lend us a pro!

Thank you very much to Conor Knight for holding a football workshop with 5th class. The children really enjoyed it and loved learning some new skills from such a talented footballer.

Congratulations to Jake and Abigail for being the only two children to be able to put a shot past Conor  in nets! 


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