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Primary Science Fair

on January 19, 2018

               On Saturday the13th of January 5th class from Kill O’The Grange N.S took part in the Primary Science Fair in the RDS as part of their project ‘What if the Earth stopped spinning?’                At the very start of of our project we had to decide a question that we would answer. So individually we wrote down all the questions we thought would be interesting to answer. Then in our groups we whittled it down to the top five questions and the the class voted on which would suit us the best and we decided that would be ‘What if the Earth stopped spinning?’

               Then we had to think about our scientific method and the first step was research. Before we could find out what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning we had to do some research. We looked at the Big Bang, the three astronomers who found out the Earth spun and how human life is sustained on Earth. Then we had to hypothesis what we think would happen and as a class we didn’t think it would be possible to live on Earth if it stopped spinning.

               Then we carried out our experiments. We focused on the four things humans need to sustain life; food, water, oxygen and sleep. In our food experiment we used water cress to represent food but we took one thing away from three plants and left one with everything it needs to survive to prove what plants need to survive. These were our variables and one control. Our water experiment was a filtration system where we cleaned dirty water. Then we did an oxygen deprivation experiment where we put four different sized jars over tea lights to show that without oxygen the flame would go out. We did a sleep study where the class slept in darkness for two nights and slept with a light on for two nights and when we slept in darkness the majority of the class felt refreshed and when we slept with the light on the majority of the class felt tired.

              Then the day came when we had to present our project to everyone at the Primary Science Fair. It was fun, exciting and interesting and our stand was always really busy all day! The judge came during the morning and assessed our project. He asked us lots of questions and we all told him about it. At the end of the day the judge came back and gave us our prize! It was a really great experience and we would love to take part again next year or when we’re in secondary school. 

Keelin and Patrick


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