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Write A Book

on February 12, 2018

For the last couple of months, 5th class have been doing the Write A Book project. Write A Book is when we write and publish a book and then send it to Blackrock Centre Of Education. Each child wrote their own book of choice. We started by writing them in our copies and then after we checked them for any grammar mistakes. Then once we had finished our first draft we typed it up on the computer. After we typed and edited our books we illustrated and put our books together. We made our own front cover. Then we sent them into the Blackrock Centre of Education. We also get to read other schools books and at the moment are judging a group of books from another 4th and 5th class.We had such a great time while doing Write A Book. Hopefully you can get a chance to read our stories too!

By Olivia and Motheo



4 responses to “Write A Book

  1. Harry says:


  2. Hannah Clabby says:

    I absolutely love making the books they all look amazing! It is great fun reading the other schools books too. Hannah.

  3. Ryanne says:

    They all look great!! Really enjoyed doing our books😊

  4. Harry says:


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