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Friendship Assembly 

on February 28, 2017

17th February 2017 Today we took assembly, our message was about friendship. We had a drama about not being selfish, unkind and how to work together. We wrote a recipe about ‘ingredients to be a good friend’ and we all wrote a prayers about friendship and the best three were read aloud. Oscar wrote a great poem about what friendship means to him. Then we sang as a class”you got a friend in me”. We were all absolutely brilliant.  

As part of our drama we needed food for the buffet. After break we had a party with all the delicious treats!!! We had to sit beside a classmate that we would not normally sit next to and you had to be polite and give your classmates the food that they asked for before serving yourself. After the feast we wrote compliment cards for everyone so everyone now has a compliment card to read! Thanks Ms O’Connor and Judith for a fabulous day!!!      

By Anna O and Zara G 


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